Grain Auger

Standard Steel Grain Auger complete with motor.

A grain auger can be used in many ways on a site in conjunction with Grain Dams, Grain Bunkers, Grain Silos or Trailers to either load or unload, by sliding the caged inlet into a grain or seed pile and convey the material.

Grain Auger are normally on a fixed frame but our grain auger is supplied with a patented stand which can be easily fixed, mobile and has a complete swivel.

Our grain auger is supplied and delivered in a wooden crate complete with easy to assembly instructions.

Specification of our standard grain auger as follows:-


  • 40 tonnes per hour.
  • 9 metres long.
  • Complete with patented stand.
  • Electric motor complete with 10 metre cable.
  • Generally in stock for quick delivery.


Although the above grain auger is our standard, we can produce bespoke units that can be supplied to meet your exacting requirements.